Long-Term Care Insurance:

Health Status

Long-term care insurance is a health-qualifying type of insurance and you must be in reasonably good health in order to obtain coverage.

If your health is not good enough to qualify, no amount of premium you are willing to pay will change the fact that you are inelgible.

If you decide to apply for coverage, you will go through a process called underwriting- the process of examining and then accepting or rejecting insurance risks, and then classifying those accepted in order to charge the proper amount of premium.

The process consists of answering questions about your health, and may also include a physical exam and/or request for medical information from your doctor.

Disqualifying Health Conditions

The following is a list of the most common types of conditions that will automatically disqualify you from obtaining long-term care insurance.

Even if you answer NO to all of these conditions, it does not mean that you will automatically qualify for coverage. There may be other conditions, or combinations of conditions, that cause an application to be declined.

You will not qualify if presently, or during the 12 month period preceding the application for coverage, you needed any of the following:

• Assistance with any Activities of Daily Living (for example: eating, bathing, dressing, toileting)

• Home Health Care Services

• Care in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Community

• A walker, wheelchair, medical appliance, kidney dialysis machine,or a manufactured source of oxygen

• Treatment for any of the following conditions:

                                                 - AIDS

                                                 - Alzheimer's Disease

                                                 - Acute and Unspecified Renal Failure

                                                 - Acute Cerebral Vascular Disease

                                                 - Congestive Heart Failure

                                                 - Cirrhosis of the Liver

                                                 - Chronic Memory Loss

                                                 - Chronic Renal Failure

                                                 - Diabetes Mellitus with Complications

                                                 - Mental Retardation

                                                 - Multiple Strokes

                                                 - Multiple Sclerosis, Other Bone Disease, and Musculoskelatal Disease

                                                 - Muscular Dystrophy

                                                 - Paralysis

                                                 - Parkinson's Disease

                                                 - Schizophrenia and Related Disorders

                                                 - Senility and Organic Mental Disorders

                                                 - Severe Emphysema

                                                 - Transient Ischemic Attack

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